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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

TCTSY is an evidence-based treatment for complex, developmental trauma, or chronic treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder.  TCTSY is an embodiment mind-body approach, which is rooted in Hatha Yoga, Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience.  The practice of  TCTSY is for participants to maybe connect to and reclaim their body  through cultivating present moment embodied experience.  No yoga experience is necessary. TCTSY can be use as adjunctive treatment for individuals receiving psychotherapy services outside of Connecticut Therapeutic Counseling or as a stand alone treatment.​ 


TCTSY model is based on five core components including the use of invitational language, choice making, non-coercion, interoception, and shared authentic experience.   

Invitational Language:  TCTSY facilitator uses invitational language and presents shapes, forms, or movements where participants have opportunities to practice choice making.

Choice Making: Participants practice choice making by choosing which shapes, forms, or movements they may choose to practice.  Participants chooses what they want to do with their body.

Non-Coercion:  TCTSY is a non-coercion and non-assisted practice where participants are empowered to have agency and choose how they want to participate. 

Interoception:  Interoception is an opportunity to gain attachment to self or body felt sense. You might notice a sensation sensory information from your body and gets to decide what you want to do about taking affective actions through choice.  Interoception is an opportunity to gain access to the “feeling self.” 

Share Authentic Experience:  TCTSY practice shares authentic experience with the participants and the facilitator with the focus that each person’s experience is their own.  

When integrated with psychotherapy TCTSY session fee can be reimbursed through insurance under psychotherapy.  Individuals who would like to receive TCTSY as a stand alone treatment, or whose insurance is not accepted by Connecticut Therapeutic Counseling, please see below for fees:

Individual Session 60 minutes:  $125

Individual Session 45 minutes:  $95

Individual Session 30 minutes:  $75

Please contact Phet DiLullo if you are interested in TCTSY:


You're welcome to visit the TCTSY website for more information at:

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